Product integration


As our dropshipper you get access to our product database.

There are several options for integrating a product file into your online store. The three most popular are:


  1. Feed under the guise of  XML file feed is a database of products from Twiggy Shop, which is updated every 24 hours.
  2. XML file - the same file written in XML allows you to quickly and easily integrate a large amount of information into your online store. It is considered a more professional option for integrating information.
  3. CSV file - this format is used by multiple platforms and allows you to quickly and easily integrate a large number of items into another site.

Declaration type W-2 for the commission -Download

Instructions for fillinghere.

We currently offer integration for the following platforms: 

  1. CloudCart -Download ( CSV, Download ( XML 
  2. OpenCart - from 20.08.2020
  3. Shopify -  Download ( CSV)
  4. Shopiko -Download ( CSV)

Standard formats:XML


If you have difficulty with the integration files, you can contact the Technical Support Department by writing to:

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