If you have an online store, you want to create and develop one, or you just have an idea where and how you can offer our goods, then our offer would be of interest to you.

What is dropshipping and how it works?

In short, it is a process in which you offer a product that you do not have in stock. We take care to deliver orders directly to your customers.

What do you get by becoming our dropshipping partner:

  • You risk nothing;
  • You do not invest;
  • You work for yourself;
  • You are not committed to a minimum number of orders or a minimum order amount;
  • You do not owe penalties or any fees;
  • You have the opportunity to enrich an existing product catalog.
  • You can have all the products in our catalog without making additional investments for goods, warehouses and staff.
  • You can offer the products at a higher price than ours, and the difference in price is added to the commission.

What you need to do to join the affiliate program?

Onoffice@twiggyshop.bg we expect the following information:

  1. City from which you operate
  2. Link to your site or other place where you will offer the products
  3. How do you plan to make sales
  4. Phone and email to contact you
  5. Other information you consider important

    Once you receive an order, you just have toto register it on our site.After we receive the delivery details and send the order through the courier company Econt, you will receive by e-mail the number of the bill of lading, with which you will be able to track the movement of the shipment. In case the shipment is delivered and successfully accepted by the customer, you generate a commission.


You can always find us at office@twiggyshop.bg




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