General terms


"SELLER" is a merchant who sells his goods through the e-shop The seller is the person with whom the User concludes a contract for the distance sale of a specific product (item) in the electronic store.

"USER" is an able-bodied person who has agreed to these General Terms and Conditions in connection with the application and purchase of the goods offered through the electronic store.

"ELECTRONIC STORE" is the site with the main purpose of buying and selling goods.

"Twiggy Shop" is a company “Twiggy Shop International S.L.R”, EIK 40366710, with its seat in the city Bucharest, Splaiul Independentei, N 273, corp 3, etaj 3 (6 - district), which creates and maintains the electronic store, determines the present General Terms and Conditions under which the goods are sold.

“Twiggy Shop International S.L.R” has full rights to unilaterally change the content of the site, as well as the ways of accessing it.

Permanent address: Ruse, Sveti Naum Street 15

"ORDER" is the request made by the User to the electronic store for the purchase of one or more specific goods (items). The order is packed and sent by courier to the address previously specified by the User in the order, after it has been approved by e-mail or phone. 

"SALE AGREEMENT" is the contract for the purchase and sale of goods between the Seller and the User concluded at a distance through this electronic store.

"COURIER" is a trader who physically delivers the purchased goods to the address specified by the User and works under the requirements of the Postal Services Act.

  • 1. FOR is an online store where you can find women's, men's and children's clothing: dresses, coats, pants, vests and more.


Users of the system are persons showing interest in purchasing the items offered by

In order to shop at the e-store, you need to request an order by registering with a password and e-mail or the recipient's name, e-mail, phone and delivery address. 

Each user of the system declares and agrees to observe, accept and not violate the established conditions, rules and obligations for the use of the site.

Each customer of the online store agrees to accept, observe and not violate the terms of use of the site.

The system distinguishes between two types of users: Registered and Unregistered.

With clearly stated wishes and actions on your part - such as REGISTRATION or Purchase of goods, you agree and accept the condition that the system activates an account, i.e. registration, for the purpose of providing for use the services offered by

With this registration you have access to the services offered in With your registration, you declare that you accept and agree that you are registered as a customer on the condition that you understand, are fully familiar with, accept and will necessarily comply with the conditions when using the services provided by

All services offered by the site can only be used for activities that are not prohibited by law.

  • 3. PRICES

All item prices on the site include VAT.

The price, the main characteristics of the product and additional information supporting the customer in an informed choice when purchasing the product are announced for each item included in the site.


As a customer of - You declare that you agree with the following conditions: conditions for using the system; Terms of delivery of the goods; delivery times; Terms of payment for the goods; Conditions for complaints and returns


  1. You represent that as a user; with your registration, you agree and accept these rules for using the services provided by
  2. During your registration, you voluntarily provide your official, company and/or personal information, with the sole purpose of benefiting from the services provided by Providing an up-to-date contact phone number is only for the purpose of confirming the order placed. 
  3. Upon registration, the system activates a profile, which you must keep up-to-date. You bear full responsibility for the reliability, topicality and correctness of the published information. You publish information, solely about you and your company, on behalf of the company you work for, after the express permission of the owners and. You will not post an account on behalf of a third party, and you will not impersonate a third party.
  4. With your registration, you agree to be responsible for the reliability and up-to-dateness of the published address information. You will keep your profile content always current, true and accurate.
  5. You are personally responsible for protecting the password for accessing the site, as well as the payments made by 
  6. You agree that you use the platform only to purchase the goods you want.
  7. You will not duplicate registrations as well as take advantage by abusing the services provided by the site.
  8. When you register, you accept the established rules for using the services of, such as terms for delivery of ordered goods, terms of delivery, prices of courier fees, as well as the conditions for returning and complaining of goods.
  9. You agree to receive advertising messages, including newsletters, games and sponsored presentations to the users of the site, at the email address specified in the registration. You agree to part of the information being used for marketing and static purposes by, which also means receiving commercial information from at the email address entered during registration.
  10. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the access password, are fully responsible for their use, and assume liability if you provide them to a third party.
  11. In the event that you find a violation of any of your rights, you have the obligation and the right to notify
  12. You agree to use the site's services in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  13. You will not copy, distribute or use texts, pictures, images or parts of the site without the express permission of


Orders in the electronic store are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To place an order, each customer is required to provide: accurate address, contact phone number, names and valid email.

The order is activated after adding a product, pressing the confirm order button.

Upon successfully placing an order, the User receives an e-mail to the e-mail address specified by him for the order he placed. This letter specifies the ordered goods, the order number, the date and time the order was placed.

In the event that the ordered product (specific model) is not available, the consultant notifies the User.

If the User does not agree to exchange the order for another product (analogous model) or to wait for the model to be refilled, the order may be cancelled.

The working hours of the operators for connection with 

Every day from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

Orders received without correct data of the buyer (User) or missing data are canceled if the Seller does not receive the correct data within 48 hours after the order is placed.

Such orders receive the status "REFUSED" due to the impossibility of being fulfilled.

Any customer can cancel an order within 24 hours without having to mention reasons for the cancellation.


Orders are delivered with a courier company Speedy. All ordered goods are delivered with Speedy to a selected address or courier office. 

If the User does not provide access and conditions for delivery of the goods to the specified address within the specified time or does not accept the shipment from the courier office to receive the goods in time, if he has chosen this option, the Seller is released from the obligation to fulfill the requested delivery.


The delivery time of the ordered goods is up to 7 working days depending on the customer's location and the Courier's service schedule, unless another delivery time is mentioned in the item description.

The delivery time may be extended if the order is placed on public holidays.

In the event that the ordered item or items are not available, the customer is notified of the delivery period, which is up to 15 days.

Deliveries are not made during public holidays, weekends.


The cost of delivery for purchases over BGN 100 is free

The price of delivery for purchases under 100 BGN - 4.99 BGN


Payment is made by cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods by courier or by credit card.

Every user has the right to examine the goods in front of the courier before accepting them.


Any product purchased from can be returned within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Returned goods must be intact and in their commercial condition.

The goods are subject to return, and all courier charges are at the customer's expense. In case you send a parcel without paying the return courier fee, it will not be accepted.In the case of returned goods, all amounts paid for orders are refunded by bank transfer, with the exception of the amounts for courier fees.

The buyer is not entitled to return swimwear and underwear. The seller reserves the right not to accept the return of these items and not to refund the amount paid by the customer under Art. 57. from PPE. For the avoidance of doubt, when returning swimwear and underwear from the Customer. The seller undertakes to return the goods back to the buyer, the transport costs being borne by the latter.

Please note that you will be charged BGN 2 for processing the shipment and the payment order.

In case of cancellation of the contract, if the User has paid for the goods, the amount paid for the returned goods will be refunded to the bank account indicated by him within 14 days after the return of the goods.

Amounts are not refunded until the User returns the goods. If the goods are not returned within the period of 14 days, the withdrawal from the contract does not produce an effect.


5.1. STATEMENT FROM TWIGYYSHOP.BG REGARDING PUBLISHED PRODUCTS AND PROMOTIONS offers women's clothing for sale online. publishes women's clothing, thereby not violating the established rules of good behavior, and does not violate the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. organizes games and promotions for the displayed goods.


* is responsible for maintaining up-to-date prices of all displayed goods on the site.

* is obliged to serve each customer correctly.

* has no obligation to guarantee that with the purchase of any product displayed on the site, users will satisfy specific needs.

* reserves the right to refuse or postpone orders placed by users of the site, in case the goods are not available and it is not possible to deliver them in the agreed time and period.

* has no obligation to store information about published products indefinitely.

* can remove, update all products displayed on the site, as well as delete and update these terms and conditions at any time.

* is not responsible for damages and losses, a consequence of the goods provided and used by the users who purchased them.

* is not responsible for payments made by users. The site has no obligation to guarantee that all products are presented with their current colors and patterns. Some may be different due to different monitor settings.

* Payments made by users at remain at their own risk.

  • 5.3 RIGHTS OFTWIGGYSHOP.BG: has the following rights, but not the obligation to:

* Removes, deletes or prohibits the publication of information on the site that is in violation of the current rules and laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

*Removes users, products, promotions, articles or information, addresses, telephones, web pages, in case of non-compliance with the present rules for using In the event that it is established that a specific user does not comply with these conditions and distributes materials and information that are protected by copyright and materials prohibited by law, reserves the right, but not the obligation, to remove them from the system;

* reserves the right to refuse or postpone orders placed by users of the site, in case the goods are not available and it is not possible to deliver them in the agreed time and period.

* reserves the right to control the storage time of messages.

* reserves the right, but not the obligation, to monitor the materials sent through the system. has the right, but not the obligation, to remove material deemed to be threatening or a form of violence.

* Reserves the right to provide the posted information as well as exchanged correspondence or any information about users on the site to law enforcement authorities upon request.

* To send advertising messages, including newsletters, games and sponsored presentations to users of the site, to the email addresses specified in the registration.

* reserves the right to remove at any moment, the provision of all or any of the services without any obligations to users.

* reserves the right to add new services to the site that do not contradict the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria

* All changes to the site will be announced by publishing them on the site, but has no obligation to personally inform users about the changes.

We do not guarantee the usefulness and completeness of the information that is placed on, and we will not be responsible for damages and losses as a result.


Privacy automatically collects information about your IP address, the browser used, the resolution used, the length of stay on the site, as well as the pages you visit on The collection of this information is solely for the purpose of offering the services on the site and statistical analysis. The collected personal data is used solely for the purpose of serving your desire to purchase a product. We ensure that we do not in any way provide your personal information to third parties. The information you provide during registration: such as personal data, name, phone, email are not provided to third parties, but are used for the purpose of providing the site's services. The site uses third-party advertising companies to display advertisements when you visit our website. These companies may use information (which does not include your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to display advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to you.

  • The content of the site - the options, advice, statements or other information contained on our site cannot be copied, distributed or partially used without the express permission of
  • Links with third parties may contain links to other pages outside the site or Internet resources. We do not control their content, nor are we responsible for the content, products, services or information found in these links.
  • Copyright - the logo, content and other elements of the site are the exclusive property of You undertake not to copy, modify, publish, transmit, export, sell any copyrighted information.
  • Limitation of liability - will not be responsible for accidental events, consequences, indirect damages, property or non-property damages, as a result of the services provided.
  • Site Changes - Any changes we make will be announced by posting them on the site. As, it has no obligation to inform each user personally.

We reserve the right to:

  1. We change the content and terms of this statement at any time and without prior notice.
  2. To change the description of the items without prior warning.
  3. To change the content of the site: stop offering items, change delivery times, introduce promotions and discounts.
  4. To remove links without prior notice.
  5. Not to serve customers who are incorrect, do not comply with the specified conditions.
  6. To remove and refuse user orders in the event that the contact information provided is not current and the CUSTOMER's actions do not meet the conditions above. In such a case, has no obligation to serve incorrect customers.

Information about authorities controlling the activity

The bodies regulating the activity of the Trader are the Commission for the Protection of the User /CCP/ and the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data (PCPD), with the following coordinates:

For KZP:

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